We understand that entrusting your business's reputation to another company may seem daunting. At Brunni Marketing Solutions, we have been life long members of the Columbus-area community and have used our skills to help local organizations go from unknown start-ups to the next big thing. Check out some of the companies we have worked with below.

Companies We Represent

Donut Central is a great example of what Brunni Marketing Solutions can do for you! Donut Central, Columbus's new premier donut shop, started operations in March of 2017. Since launch, the business has grown to 5,000 likes on its Facebook page in less than 6 months, an ever growing and engaging Instagram profile, and a huge following in the community at large. Brunni Marketing Solutions has created and maintained a custom website and online ordering system for Donut Central. Feel free to look at the social media pages of Donut Central below, built and maintained by Brunni Marketing Solutions.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Mcleod Home Remodel

McLeod Home Remodeling and Repair has been a client of Brunni Marketing Solutions for multiple years. McLeod Home Remodeling and Repair has employed our web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offerings. McLeod Home Remodeling and Repair has seen a sizable increase in business in the Columbus Area with the advantages provided by Brunni Marketing Solutions.

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